2017-Present, Assistant Professor, University of North Texas, History
Affiliated Faculty with Women’s and Gender Studies

2014-2017, Lecturer, University of North Texas, History
Affiliated Faculty with Women’s and Gender Studies

2013-2014, Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow, Department of History, The Pennsylvania State University


PhD in History and Women’s Studies (dual), The Pennsylvania State University, 2013

MA in History, with distinction, Pennsylvania State University, 2008

BA (summa cumme laude) in History and Women’s Studies, Syracuse University, 2006



Governing Bodies: American Politics and the Shaping of the Modern Physique. University of Pennsylvania Press, Politics & Culture in Modern America series, May 2018.


“Fears of a Nanny State: Centering Gender and Family in the Political History of Regulation,” in Shaped by the State: Toward a New Political History of the Twentieth Century, Ed. Brent Cebul, Lily Geismer, and Mason Williams, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2019.

“Consuming Relief: Food Stamps and the New Welfare of the New Deal,” Journal of American History 76, March 2011: 1001-1022

“Weighing in about Weight: Advisory Power in the Bureau of Home Economics,” in Remaking Home Economics: Resourcefulness and Innovation in Changing Times, Ed. Sharon Y. Nikols and Gwen Kay, Athens, Georgia: University of Georgia Press, 2015.


Review of Christopher E. Forth, Fat: A Cultural History of the Stuff of Life, in Medical History [forthcoming].

Review of Edward Berkowitz and Larry DeWitt, The Other Welfare: Supplemental Security Income and U.S. Social Policy, in Business History Review 90, no.2, (Summer 2016): 380-382.

Review of Ira Katznelson, Fear Itself: The New Deal and the Origins of Our Time, in Journal of American Studies 48, no. 2, (May 2014): 657-658.

Review of Dona Brown, Back to the Land: The Enduring Dream of Self-Sufficiency in Modern America, in Journal of American Studies 46, special issue 2, (May 2012): E40.


National Science Foundation Scholars Award; Science, Technology and Society Program, Award 1849533. (Sole PI).

Fellowship in the History of American Obstetrics and Gynecology, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Lillian Sholtis Brunner Fellowship, Barbara Bates Center for the Study of the History of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania

Research Seed Grant, Research and Economic Development office, University of North Texas.

Short-Term Postdoctoral Fellow, German Historical Institute, three months of archival support for second book project

Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Foundation

Miller Center Fellowship in Politics and History, Miller Center for Public Affairs, University of Virginia

Emerging Scholars Fellowship, University of Georgia, Home Economics: Classroom, Corporate, and Cultural Interpretations Revisited

The Crawford Family Fellowship in Ethical Inquiry, Pennsylvania State University, College of Liberal Arts

National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, Science, Technology, and Society Program

History of Science Society, National Science Foundation travel grant  

Women’s Studies Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Pennsylvania State University

Dean’s Fellowship in the History of Home Economics, Cornell University

Travel Grant, Eisenhower Presidential Library

Rock Ethics Institute Fellow, Pennsylvania State University


“The Most Natural of Human Activities: Ideologies of Motherhood in Post-Abortion Syndrome,” The Berkshire Conference on the Histories of Women, Gender, and Sexualities, May.

“Good Adjustment?: Negotiating Postpartum Depression in the Women’s Health Movement,” Organization of  American Historians, April.

“In the Formative Stages: Inventing Post-Abortion Syndrome in the 1980s,” Society for U.S. Intellectual History,  November 8.

“A Medical Syndrome That Does Not Exist: Post-Abortion Syndrome and the Culture Wars,” UNT HistoryDepartment Faculty Research Series, October 29.

“Psychology and the Surgeon General: Post-Abortion Syndrome and the Culture Wars,” University of North Texas Postwar Faculty Colloquium, March 22.

“He Cannot Confine His Interests Solely to the Pelvic Outlet: The Rise of Psychiatric Screening in Obstetrical Practice, 1955-1995,” American Association for the History of Medicine, May 11.

“‘Emotionally Efficient Motherhood’: Managing Maternal Emotion in Mid-Century America,” Dallas Area Social History Group, April 27.

“No Free Man Can Admire the Soviet System: American Physical Fitness in the Cold War,” University of North Texas Postwar Faculty Colloquium, April 6.

“From Lactational Insanity to the Baby Blues: Calibrating the Normal Postpartum in 20th Century America,” Drexel University, Science Technology and Society Works in Progress series, March 14.

“The Uses of Personhood: Negotiating Social Welfare and Definitions of Dependence,” The Berkshire Conference on the Histories of Women, Gender, and Sexualities, June 2.

“The Physiological Impossibility of Aid: The Politics of Pregnancy and Poverty in the Late 20th Century,” Policy History Conference, June 3.

“Queering the Nanny State: Metaphors of APD and their Consequences,” Seeing beyond the Partisan Divide symposium, The Miller Center at the University of Virginia, October 2.

Panelist, “Outsiders Within: The Precarious Nature of Now,” National Women’s Studies Association, November 14.

“Embodied Assistance: Pregnancy, Lactation, and Food Welfare in the 1970s,” Moral Cultures of Food: Past and Present, North Texas, April 3.

“The Poor Cannot be Trusted: Nutrition and Pregnancy in the American Welfare State,” The German Historical Institute, June 25.

“Eat Less, Be More: Hunger, Malnutrition, and Food Welfare Policy in the 1970s,” Policy History Conference, June 4.

“Builder of Men: The Civilian Conservation Corps and the Muscular State,” Organization of American Historians, April 10

“The Good Wife and Mother Do Not Understand: Federal Expertise and Authority in American Nutrition Science, 1880-1935,” Conference on Obesity, Health, and the Liberal Self: Transatlantic Perspectives on the Late Nineteenth and Late Twentieth Centuries,” German Historical Institute, September 27

“To Investigate and Report: How the Children‘s Bureau Became a Back Door Policy Maker,” Policy History Conference, June 8

“The Advisory State: Physical Fitness through the Ad Council, 1955-1965,” American Historical Association, January 7

“Puny and Pudgy Privates: Measuring Draftees in WWII,” History of Science Society, November 5

“Watchful Weighing: The Body Politics of Home Economics, 1920 -1950,” Cornell University, Women’s History Month Series, March 3

“Through the Normal Channels: Food and Family in the New Deal,” Organization of American Historians, April 10

“Inventing the Hungry: Food Welfare in the New Deal Era,” Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society, May 9

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